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Tab Wolod:

Brand Buddha

I empower purpose-driven people who have massive ideas to magnify their message and intensify their impact by demonstrating the importance of branding with authenticity and meaningful marketing practices.

My vision is to empower individuals on a mission, driven by purpose, to make a profound impact in the world while pursuing their passions. Through education, guidance, and meaningful marketing practices, I aim to activate brands and mobilize mountain-movers – to intensify their impact and create positive change on a global scale.

There's too much noise out there - too many people have too many things to say, about things that don't really matter. It's easy for impactful ideas and massive messages (messages that matter) to fall through the cracks.

I am here to help purpose-driven people, or
messengers on a mission, who are compelled to make a change in the world, to get their message out there with true impact, and that begins with building an authentic brand.


Enter the Buddha

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Tab Wolod,

CEO and Brand Buddha

Back in 2016, Tabitha (Tab) Wolod, made the decision to walk away from her cushy corporate job because she couldn’t shake the feeling that she was born for something greater; she yearned for her independence and to make a difference in the world. After 11 years in the telecommunications industry, Tab made the decision to quit her job and set out into the vast world of entrepreneurship.


Without a plan and in search of her purpose, Tab started off designing websites. As a newbie in the freelance game, Tab was just another hustler on the web design scene, with one exception. Tab has a knack for calling it like she sees it, and as the saying goes, “real recognize real.” It didn’t take much time for Tab to realize that something was off – her clients' websites were sleek, but they lacked soul.


Fueled by a craving for authenticity, Tab dove into the murky waters of branding. She became the go-to for creating authentic brands at the ground level, which led to the creation of Ideas Equal Income, LLC, a service-based business and creative agency. From non-profits and grassroots movements, to coaches and Thought Leaders, Tab has helped to develop and polish dozens of brands that have become popular in their respective niches. As the years rolled by, Tab found herself drowning in a sea of tasks and responsibilities. She lost her luster for life as an entrepreneur.


As an agency owner, Tab put in work, she spent most of her time filling orders and building everyone else's dreams; designing websites, doing graphic designs, managing social media pages, creating brand messaging and visuals, and consulting for her clients. Finally, in December of 2023, Tab decided that something needed to change. She stripped away the noise, stopped chasing the coins, and honed in on what she loved most – branding and teaching. Enter the Brand Buddha – a force of nature in the world of authentic branding and meaningful marketing practices.

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