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Market your message for more impact and income 

About Us

"Long Live The
Light Bulb Moments!"

For social enterprises and change agents who want to launch their ideas and make a lasting impact, our company specializes in guiding you through the entire process from idea and implementation to impact and income. With our comprehensive consulting services, strategic planning, and creative resources, we help you navigate the complexities of launching your products, events, programs, and services.

At Ideas Equal Income, IEI, we champion for the underdogs, we make space for the mountain movers, and help people with powerful messages to get those messages out into the world in meaningful ways for more impact and income. With innovation at the forefront, every idea is worth exploring.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to be the leading partner and catalyst for change agents, helping them bring their visions to life, making a tangible difference in the world, and inspiring positive transformation

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and social enterprises in launching their ideas and creating lasting impact by providing comprehensive guidance, strategic planning, and creative resources.

Our Idea-ology


Everything begins and ends with an idea  ideas are everything.

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Core Values

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We embrace innovation by constantly seeking new and creative approaches to solve challenges and provide unique solutions to our clients.

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We are dedicated to delivering exceptional quality and value to our clients, going above and beyond to meet their needs and exceed their expectations.

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We are adaptable and agile, quickly responding to changing circumstances and embracing new technologies and methodologies to stay ahead of the curve.

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We are committed to sustainable practices and promote environmentally conscious solutions in our work, considering the long-term impact on the planet and communities we serve.

Our Story

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Tab Wolod,

CEO and Brand Buddha

IEI is the brainchild of CEO Tabitha (Tab) Wolod. Tab's journey to entrepreneurship began in 2016 when she left a long-term career in telecom. Although the decision to leave a secure job was not easy, Tab knew that her real work involved helping small business owners to create generational wealth by building sustainable businesses. Since then, she has been dedicated to helping mission-driven CEOs and people with a purpose transform their ideas into income by using her proven principles and framework. Through her years of experience as a Business Developer, Tab has helped dozens of startups and small businesses maximize profitability and optimize performance by understanding the core components of their business.


Our Clients

Our clients are mission-driven, they want to make a tangible and lasting impact by launching their ideas. Over the years, we've worked with a wide array of clients across industries; ranging from non-profits, to mental health, e-commerce, social enterprises, thought leaders, and public speakers.

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Conscious CEOs

Passionate social entrepreneurs and mindful CEOs leading the charge in making a positive impact through their business ventures. These individuals lead organizations that embody authenticity, seek guidance, and are driven by a shared mission to create meaningful change in the world. Through these organizations' dedication and values, we are inspired to deliver tailored solutions that empower them to achieve their goals and amplify their impact.

How We've Helped

We help these businesses to grow by providing:

  • Go-To-Market Consultations

  • Campaign Support

  • Scoping the Work

Messengers On A Mission

Empowered entrepreneurs, thought leaders and industry experts who are on a journey to align their personal and professional lives with their core values. These individuals are ambitious, authentic and driven by a desire for purpose and fulfillment, they represent a growing community of professionals and creatives seeking authenticity and personal growth. As pivotal members of our community, we are inspired to help these individuals to live and work authentically while making a positive impact.

How We've Helped

We help these businesses to grow by providing:

  • Brand Consultations

  • One on One Support

  • Web Design & Graphic Design

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