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Helping messengers
on a mission market their ideas for more impact and income. 

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Ideas Equal Income

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For social enterprises and change agents who want to launch their ideas and make a lasting impact, our company specializes in guiding you through the entire process from idea and implementation to impact and income. IEI provides guidance, graphics, and got-to-market solutions for mission driven enterprises and entrepreneurs through meaningful marketing practices starting with developing authentic brands.

"Long Live The
Light Bulb Moments!"

Find the Right Fit

Find the Right Fit for Your Business


Need Graphics?

IEI offers an array of graphic designs, including: flyers, event graphics, social media templates, reels, brochures, proposal templates, business stationery etc. 

Confectionery Shop Owner

Looking for Guidance?

Elevate your brand with our Brand Insights Session. Get immediate expert advice and actionable insights to address your specific branding challenges and questions. Gain clarity, direction, and confidence in your brand strategy with our focused and interactive live sessions.

Business Team

Going to Market?

Empower your market entry with our Go-to-Market Consultations. Gain strategic insights, actionable plans, and expert guidance to successfully launch your venture and make a meaningful impact.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Business Meeting

I’m a new entrepreneur and have been feeling lost and unsure about where to begin with branding myself or how to market my new business. After my first conversation with Tab about my business, I felt a sense of peace. Her excitement to help me create my own brand identity and marketing strategy has given me the confidence to succeed.

Confident Woman

IEI has propelled my business to the next phase. I have been able to continuously implement the marketing lessons that you have shared with me during our sessions to help grow and further develop my business. I look forward to working with IEI in the future.

I'm a new business owner lost in the marketing world and thanks to Ideas Equal Income their services have helped so much with getting us started and on the right path. They were very much hands-on, available, informative, and knowledgeable about pointing me in the right direction. Thank you for all you do.

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